Since today I am talking about something international, this is my first post in English here on this website.

I am very proud that MONTEROSA has been awarded the MGIP-Award 2022 in Gold for Children’s Book for our Book: Dornröschen fĂ€hrt Achterbahn (Sleeping Beauty on the roller coaster), written by me and illustrated by Marie Doerfler.

And I am very proud that you, dear MOTOVUN-members, accepted me within your ranks in your MOTOVUN-Group of International Publishers. Just like this and just the way I am and MONTEROSA is. Very easy going. A look at my website was enough for your.

You did not ask: How many books do you publish a year?
It was not a criteria of exclusion for you that I publish my own books.

You just said: Welcome, Claudia!

And you did not only welcome me, you, as publishers, even voted that Dornröschen fĂ€hrt Achterbahn deserves the MOTOVUN Gold-Award 2022 in the category „Children“.

Thank you so much! It is such an honour!

Thank you very much for your hospitality and for having me.

I am looking forward to seeing you again!